"For here lay Dragons!"

Or maybe not... What do I know?

But it got your attention, and that is what counts in the fast moving world of the internet. But man, I do miss the more romantic age of the www. The sound of the modem, that 'connect to the web' button. Slow loading pictures of naked ladies. Hey, you were lucky if you got a nipple kids! And my brother and I were over the moon about that nipple.

I'm well over 40 so I'm a dinosaur in this ICT landscape. But with age comes a certain experience. I recently realised that all the new apps and cloudplatforms are not really new at all. Nah... there are just reincarnations under different names, making use of slightly different programming languages. If you life long enough it all starts coming back. Just like fashion.

But it would be wrong to stick with what you know. That would be professional suicide. Always keep your childish curiosity.

And always watch out for Dragons.